Do you like Empty Seats?

We don't like them either ... that's why we developed a solution for restaurants to attract more customers and increase their profits!


Benefits from our partner restaurants

  • Increase your<br /> revenue

    Increase your

    Even the most successful restaurants experience less busy time. Bringing dynamic pricing to the restaurant industry, DiscoEat helps its partner restaurants to increase their revenues by filling otherwise empty seats, especially in off-peaks.

  • Dilute your fixed costs,<br /> not your brand

    Dilute your fixed costs,
    not your brand

    With rents getting higher every month, running a profitable restaurant is getting more and more complex. Dynamic prices help you to increase your revenue and dilute your fixed costs, while keeping your brand safe since discounts are given through us, a 3rd party.

  • Attract and retain<br /> more customers

    Attract and retain
    more customers

    DiscoEat is your ideal tool to access our pool of customers who are passionate about dining out and discovering new great restaurants. Our loyalty program incentivises customers to return to your restaurant frequently.

  • Strengthen your<br /> online presence

    Strengthen your
    online presence

    On top of maximising your bookings, your DiscoEat profile increases your visibility and ranking on search engines. You benefit from complimentary marketing on all DiscoEat channels showcasing your restaurant to DiscoEat users.

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